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Stattus Modules

SOON stattus

What is it?

23 years on the market, Fento is a company dedicated to unique solutions tailored to the needs of customers.
It was with this in mind that we launched the new STATTUS line, which aims to reconcile the world of modular construction and customer needs, thus obtaining unique solutions with tailored features and versatile. Each module is built and designed on high standards of quality and safety.
We carried out accurate budgets and without surprises.

Stattus Home

The Stattus Home presents itself as an excellent solution for secondary housing in privileged area where building is not allowed, creating a housing support with all the conditions and necessary amenities to comfort!

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Stattus Point

The Stattus line Point explores the varied features of our modules. We offer appropriate solutions to every business, such as, offices, changing rooms, toilets, kiosks, bars, etc.

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